Why are Children Afraid Of Schools?

What is happening in our schools? Every day we encounter a news about children doing such activities
that are intended to close school or postpone exams like Gurugram case or Lucknow case. Concluding it
as criminal behavior and blaming it on psychological problems and putting CCTV is too simple
conclusion. NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) reported that child crime rate has been in increasing
trend (1.9% to 2.7%). Study done by UNICEF for MoW&CD in 2007 found 2 out of 3 children met with
corporal punishment and 1 out of 2 children met with emotional punishment in schools.
What kind of school a child would need? NCF 2005 emphasized that “Schools should also treat
students with equality, justice, respect, dignity and right of the students.” Northhemptonshire
school committee promised for itself that “our school should be a place where children can interact
with each other, they are taught to know themselves, to help to develop their mental & physical
capabilities, space to explain their experiences, to help in understanding meaning and values of life,
be creative and understand the environment.”
Do our schools, leaving some exceptional ones, provide all these in their schools? Besides focusing on
well-designed buildings, do our schools possess all above qualities? Every child can learn than why there
are children labelled as “Buddhu”? Every child learn differently than why we use same yardstick of
leaning since long? Are we promoting children to explore themselves, construct their knowledge and
express themselves the way they have understood the concepts rather than rote learning approach? Are
we promoting our children to compete with self rather than with others?
Still issue of corporal punishment, though not visible directly now a days but do we not find indirect
punishment to children by way of scolding in front of other children, unwarranted verbal words,
excessive anger, exasperation, putting negative aspects of child rather than positives in PTM.
Relationship between schools and teacher force good teachers to behave negatively. Teachers are
primarily accountable to management rather than children.
Are we making schools joyful for the children? Are schools providing enabling environment for children?
Certainly not. We all (schools, parents and government) are responsible for the changed behavior of the

By Anup Badola

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