What should be my next step after B.tech?

The question I state in the title has been a question that has bothered Indian students for a long time. The same has bothered me for the past few months and I write this article to describe that feeling and my opinion.

The most relatable quote for this situation has to be the one stated by Shakespear,”To be or not to be”. Simply put, whether on should opt for a job or pursue higher studies.Further in case of higher studies whether one should opt for MBA, MS or M.tech.

In our country, we can assume the fact that in most of the cases, that after finishing their school education students do not yet know what they want to do in life.So most of them opt for Bachelors in Technology.I can relate to this notion myself because I did the same thing after completing my high school education.

I just did not have enough resources or guidance to make a different decision.The same goes with many of the students that pass out from high school.This also a reason why there is so much competition in India to get into top engineering colleges like IITs.

My only inspiration to do Bachelors was the fact that I was fascinated in computers since my childhood and kept reading about them since then.No other disciplines or fields of study seemed as interesting as computer science to me.This was my major reason due to which without much research I took a leap of faith and joined computer science.

But unlike me, most of the students pursue engineering either due general trend in the market or due to peer pressure.Unlike my own parents that really did not force me into studying engineering, I find many of the students taking up engineering is due to pressure from parents.I do not blame them since they themselves are peer pressured from relatives and only have limited knowledge about career guidance.

Anyways, this article is mainly a brief introduction regarding what should one do after b.tech. Considering the top options among students completing their under-graduation is to either sit in campus placements and look for a job, pursue an Masters in Business Administration(MBA), Masters in Technology(M.Tech)or Masters in Science(MS).Lets talk about them one by one.

Pursuing a job

This seems to be one of the most preferred option among students mainly due to the fact that they wish to enter the industry as soon as possible and start earning. There is no harm in joining the industry after under-graduation as the under-graduate course makes you ready to join the industry as entry-level employee. The student undergoes a period of internship after selection and becomes ready for the job. Most companies in India look for a generalized course so that the student can be molded and trained according the needs of the company.

Other than that in comparison to a students pursuing a Masters degree right after under-graduation, they get a head start in the industry of 2 years of hands-on work experience or even more.They can also pursue Masters after working for some times in the industry but the only con to this is that it can be mentally very challenging to become an unemployed full-time-student again after having a full-time job for a few years and making the switch again.

The transformation seems to be very tough. Therefore one should be very confident if he can make the switch.


This option also seems to be quite trendy since past few years for those students that want to enter the management part of an organization as they see a more lucrative career. Most student like to combine their technical degree with MBA so that they can become all-rounded in all the aspects of the company.

However, one of the biggest flaws in this decision is the fact that the supply way out passes the  demand of MBA graduates for India. Due to its popularity, most engineers pursue MBA after there B.Tech. Due to this there has been a saturation of engineers with MBA degree in India. Companies have now started looking for specialists rather than generalists,i.e, a student with a bachelors in administration degree(BA) combined with MBA, has more chances of securing a job in administration that an engineer who has studied only 2 years of administration.

But that does not mean that you should not opt for MBA. In many cases, after studying for 4 years for a technical degree, students find themselves to be not suitable for a technical job. In such cases, MBA is one of the best options to think upon.

Another option to do MBA is to study abroad, that is, if one can afford it.An average cost of completing MBA from top schools like Harvard, Stanford etc can cost up to 75 lakh rupees.That is even costlier than studying for an MS.


In case a student still has an urge to become a specialist in his technical field, M. Tech is a really good option.While most of the students pursuing M.Tech go on to get a Ph.D to become professors in colleges or become researchers, there are still placement drives available for students. So one can enter the industry as specialist.

M.Tech is similar to MS in the sense that both of them help in specialization in an area of study.In comparison to MS, M.tech is more focused on the theoretical aspects while MS is focused on hands-on approach to the industry.

But a big advantage of M.tech is that it is way more cheaper than MS.The average cost of studying in IITs is around Rs 1.2 lakhs while studying for MS abroad can cost upto 50 lakhs.So M.Tech is a really good option for students who do not want to spend significant amount of money on their post-graduate degree.


If none of the options mentioned above seem to be your preferred choice than one can always opt for MS. Masters in Science(MS) is equivalent to M.Tech in India. So why do Masters abroad when you can do M.Tech in India? The reason can be broken into two main points, firstly while M.Tech focuses on theoretical concepts, Masters focus on more practical concepts. Thus masters prepares a student to be more industry ready than M.Tech.

Also Masters has been a preferred option by students to study abroad and get a job in the same country. As a Computer Science student, students like me prefer to study in USA due to presence of large number of universities that have renowned Computer Science courses.

The only con to study abroad is that it’s very expensive. As mentioned previously, completing a 2 year Masters degree in countries like USA can cost up to 50 lakhs of Rupees. Although this cost can be brought down by applying for scholarships and doing part-time jobs while studying.

But these are just my personal opinions and one should always do some brainstorming before taking the decision.After all this step will be one of the most important decision for next 20 years of your career. But never be afraid to take bold steps, always have faith in yourself and believe that you will succeed no mater what.

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